about me


Parviz Amiri was born in Tehran, Iran on 21/04/1955. His primary and secondary school education was made in Iran. his higher studies were made in USA, where he graduated as an MBA student from San Diego University of California, whereupon he returned to his country, in 1980.
In his youth, he got acquainted with Zen Meditation and acquired KongFu skill, following witch he obtained a KongFu green belt certificate. As a result, KongFu teachings and philosophy became his motto in life and his art. By using Zen power of concentration and inspired by nature, he started his carrier in photography.
With his photographs, he has tried to capture, with an abstract look, the various aspects of light in the different forms of nature and contemporary life. He believes his photographs to be of a blend of cosmic light and energy that have manifested in his material world, and carry a meaning and message from the Universe.

The photographs can be viewed from any angle, and in each case, they could convey a different meaning.